Acknowledging privilege

I read a quote yesterday that said, “Privilege is being able to say there isn’t a problem because you have never experienced it.”

Today, on one of the closed local groups that I belong to, a poster wrote that I was trying to “get rid” of the superintendent who had “done so much” for the community.

It is obvious that his experience comes from a place of privilege, where those of us who had the doors slammed in our faces when we asked for protection for our children have never been invited.

It is this willful blindness that is causing the situations in our schools to not only continue but to escalate. We need to look critically at our community and fix what ails it.

My response to him is below:

I do believe that members of the current board are failing the community by not addressing or acknowledging the bullying, including racial bullying in our school community. The fact is that incumbent Rina Beder is a part of a status quo where even written complaints by parents are ignored. This lack of response is a violation of the District Handbook which lists the rules the board members are required to follow.

One of the most frequent complaints that I have heard from parents of all races and socio-economic backgrounds is that “nobody listens”.

I believe that all families in our district need to have the right to have their concerns listened to with compassion and respect. They have the right to knowing that the adults in charge will actively work to ensure a safe learning environment for their children. They should not have to feel that their only recourse is to turn to the government in order to protect their children.

Those elected to the board should be serving all members of our community.  They should be ensuring the well-being of all children in our community and they are charged with actively supervising the superintendent.

A district that has at least two Office of Civil Rights investigations in six years is going down the wrong path. At least one of these investigations has been during the tenure of Ms. Beder.

Again, I would welcome the opportunity to have an open debate with the Selection Committee candidates. I am running for the Board because I want to be a part of the solution for what ails our community.

Our community deserves better.

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